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David Knapp
David's images of fish and fly fishing destinations have helped make the Stream Section of this
site a wonderful experience for anyone who loves the sport of fly fishing. Off hand, you would
think David is a guide or at least a full time trout bum, but he is neither one. He has one of the
most important jobs anyone could have. He teaches school.

Although he doesn't claim to be a great photographer, he is as good as many who claim to be
professionals. He knows how to capture the type of images that we all want to see. Taking
good pictures is as much a matter of knowing what to shot and how to frame it as it is how to
operate the camera. David is not only a good photographer, he is an excellent angler. That, of
course, has a lot to do with it. You can't take great photos of fish without the fish.

If you take the time to review his excellent fly fishing blog -
The Trout Zone Blogspot, you will
quickly see that he is far more knowledgeable than the average avid angler. His articles and
journals about the trips he takes reveals that the sport occupies every spare moment he has. I
don't know of anyone close to his young age that understands the sport as well as he does. I
have never fished with him but I have read about every thing he has written. I have also seen
the results of his catches in hundreds of pictures.

We are very thankful and appreciative of David's many contributions to this website.
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