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Dennis McCarthy

It didn't take me but a very short time to determine that Dennis McCarthy is a very rare person.
You want find many men that will go out of their way to help you and not expect, or accept,
anything in return. I have never been able to do anything for Dennis without getting ten times
what I gave in return. This website will bear that out. He not only has furnished hundreds of
images of numerous streams from Oregon to New York, he has provided a lot of information on
streams that I was not familiar with.

Dennis was born and raised in sight of the Atlantic Ocean. He is retired from the United States
Coast Guard. It seems natural he would be an avid saltwater angler but that isn't the case with
Dennis. He prefers freshwater and doesn't fish for the salty species.

One of his loves is New York's famous Salmon River. He enjoys fishing there so well he has his
own place on the river. He probably fishes it as much as anyone but he also travels extensively
across the country to fish other trout streams. I meet him in Gatlinburg Tennessee where he
was making his second trip to fish Great Smoky Mountains National Park. He reminded me of
myself. He had tons of information on all the streams in the Smokies including website
information, magazine articles and books. I could tell he took his fly fishing very seriously. He
knew just about as much about the streams in the Smokies as some anglers I know that have
fished them for years.

You will see Dennis' name on pictures spread throughout this website. It wouldn't be anything
close to what it is without his help.
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Dennis Spey Casting On The Salmon River