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The Perfect Fly Story

"Perfect Flies" were designed to provide anglers specific imitations (flies) for everything fish eat. We also wanted anglers to know exactly what their flies imitated, so we named them using the actual insect or other food name. They are also identified by scientific names just in case there is any question about their common names.

The process took over nine years of research, testing and development. It took three years to teach our fly tyers how to tie what most tyers would consider difficult to tie flies. The flies require more steps, time and far more skill to tie than most commercially available flies. For example, our small mayfly dun trout fly patterns use goose and turkey biots for the abdomens; dubbing for the thorax, two, upright split hen feathers for wings, split tailing fibers for tails and dry fly rooster hackle for legs. Our larger mayfly dun patterns use extended bodies with split, upright hen feathers for wings. The process not only required teaching our tyers "how to" tie the flies, it also required teaching them to tie the flies at a rate to where they could be sold at a reasonable price.

Perfect Flies have been designed to imitate all the major food the most popular fresh and saltwater species eat. Our mayfly imitations for trout include the nymph, emerging nymph, emerging dun with the shuck attached, the dun; and the spinner. Like anything else, they are not "perfect". The flies we created for insects and other foods are not "generic" or"attractor" flies designed to imitate a variety of insects or foods. They are simi-realistic, specific imitations of every major food eaten by fish that can be taken on the fly.

When it comes to trout, our Perfect Flies don't just "match the hatch", they match what hasn't hatched, what is about to hatch and what hatched and died. When it comes to any species of fish, you can count on them to match the real foods found in nature that the particular species of fish you are trying to catch survive on. Perfect Flies will increase your odds of success. Simply put, they will help you catch more fish.

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