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Disadvantages of Most Strike Indicators:
1. You must slip your leader and tippet
through a hole in some strike indicators,
requiring you to tie on a new leader each
time you use it. They also have to be cut off,
damaging the leader or tippet or requiring
a new one.

2. Some strike indicators damage the
leader and tippet by bending them out of
shape, kinking or flattening the nylon
leader or tippet and therefore reducing its

3. Some even require tying a knot and the
leader or tippet must be cut off and retied
to change to another method of fishing.

4. Some of the puddy type of strike
indicators you apply by sticking a clump or
ball of the material on the leader or tippet
leave a permanent coloration or a sticky
mess requiring a new leader or tippet after
you are finished using them. Some of
these types fly off when you cast.  

Installing the Indicator on the tippet:
Perfect Fly K.I.S.S. Strike Indicators

Perfect Fly K. I. S. S. Strike Indicators are made of  hard,
durable foam, float high on top of the water and are highly
visible. The fluorescent, chartreuse color is easily seen for a
long distance even in rough water. In less than a minute, you
can be nymph fishing.

You can quickly readjust the position of the strike indicator and
depth you are fishing by loosening the rubber insert and sliding
it up or down the leader or tippet.
Small Strike Indicators:
These are approximately 3/8 inch in diameter and work great in
shallow, extremely clear water or where the trout are very spooky.
Four (4) small foam indicators and rubber inserts are included.


Large Strike Indicators:
These are approximately 5/8 inch in diameter and work great
under most conditions, clear water and deep water. Four (4)
large foam indicators and rubber inserts are included.

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K.I.S.S - Keep It Simple Stupid
Fast and Easy to Install, Adjust & Remove
Strike Indicator
These indicators
are very easy to
install on your
leader or tippet. Just
slip the leader or
tippet in the slit
behind the rubber
They will not damage the leader or tippet
and are fast and easy to install and
Strike Indicators