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Advantages of a Perfect Fly  

1. During the warmer months of the
year itt is much cooler and lighter than
any type of fly vest or pack.

2. The lanyard is fast and easy to put
on and take off. Just slip the leather
neck and shoulder strap over your

3. It is easy to adjust the length for the
different sizes and heights of anglers
as well as individual preferences.
Just change the length of the round
leather cord at its connection to the
leather neck and shoulder strap.

4. Loading new tippet on the tippet
holder is fast and easy. Just unlock
one end of the tippet holder, slide it
out of the wood holder and change or
add new spools of tippet.

Materials & Features:

Neck and shoulder strap is made
from natural cowhide leather that's 1/8
inch thick and 3/4 inch wide.

The round leather cord is make of
braided leather.

The tippet spool holder dowel is
made of PVC and holds all the
standard size manufacturer's nylon
and fluorocarbon tippet spools as
well as our own Perfect Fly tippet

Multiple devices can be attached to
the lanyard via the (6) six barrel
swivels and interlocking snaps.
Perfect Fly Madison River Fly Fishing

The Perfect Fly Madison River Fly Fishing Lanyard is our "Deluxe"
model fly fishing lanyard handcrafted in the U.S. by Perfect Fly. Other
than the PVC tippet holder, it is made of  real leather and wood. It is
slightly larger (wider) and hold more spools of tippet than the
"standard" model. The Madison has braided leather cord and six barrel
swivels and snaps for various types of accessories.
"Perfect Fly" Madison River Fly Fishing Lanyard
Our "deluxe" model Fly Fishing Lanyard without accessory items such
as tippet, fly floatant holder, retractor, forceps, and nippers, etc.

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Madison River Fly Fishing Lanyard
Fly fishing lanyard Tippet holder
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Real Leather
Made in the U.S.
Tippet holder
James Marsh wearing a fly fishing lanyard
Lanyard is shown without accessories
with the easy to load tippet holder
carrying several spools of Perfect
Fly's PerfectFlex Tippet