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Advantages of a Perfect Fly
Biddie Lanyard

1. During the warmer months of the
year, it is much cooler and lighter than
any type of fly vest or pack.

2. The lanyard is fast and easy to put
on and take off. Just put the lanyard
around your neck and snap the latch
(shown just below) together.

3.There are five ball-bearing swivel
snaps that you an use to attach about
anything you need to use and access
fast and easy.

4. Loading new tippet on the tippet
holder is fast and easy. Just unlock
one end of the tippet holder, and
change or add new spools of tippet.
Perfect Fly "Biddie Fly Fishing Lanyard"
The Perfect Fly Biddie Fly Fishing Lanyard is our
"Standard" model lanyard. The little biddie lanyard holds
about everything a fly angler needs. It is named after Biddie,
Angie and James' only child, a Cocker Spaniel.
"Perfect Fly" Biddie Fly Fishing Lanyard
Our standard Biddie Fly Fishing Lanyard without accessory
items such as tippet, fly floatant holder, retractor, forceps
and nippers, etc.

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Perfect Fly
Perfect Fly Bidie Lanyard and accessories
Liquid Floatant
Tippet Holder
Powder Floatant
Fly Patch
Loaded "Perfect Fly" Biddie Fly Fishing Lanyard

Loaded "Perfect Fly" Biddie Fishing Lanyard:
Includes the following items:
1. Perfect Fly Upside Down Floatant/Sinkant holder with Loon Aquel  
Fly Floatant included.
2. Perfect Fly
Clip-on Fly Patch (no flies)
3. Stainless steel 5 inch forcepts on Perfect Fly
4. Four (4) spools of Perfect Fly Mono tippet (3X, 4X, 5X, and 6X)
5. Perfect Fly
Floatant holder (7/8 inch or slightly larger powder
floatants. Fits most powder floatant caps.
Over $72.00 if purchased separately
Neck Latch -Click picture
for larger view
Close up of neck strap
to loop strap. Click
picture for larger view
Angie and Biddie - Click to enlarge
Allen Foutch
Note: We can customize it to meet your
personal preferences.