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Perfect Fly Polly Yarn Strike Indicators

Perfect Fly Poly Yarn Strike Indicators  track easier and float higher and
longer. You are able to detect more strikes, especially if fast or rough water.
Many guides fishing from drift boats prefer them since they are easy to see.
The bight orange color stands out.  They are approximately 1 inch long and
about an inch wide.

The rubber O-ring on the  Poly Yarn Strike Indicator provides quick and easy
loop-type attachment for securing this durable indicator to your leader. It is
made with ultra-buoyant, watershed treated poly yarn material, with the highly
visible orange color for easy tracking even through swift, broken current.

Installing the Strike Indicator On Your Leader/Tippet:
Simply form a loop in your leader by doubling the line on itself. Take the strike
indicator with the o-ring facing up and slide the o-ring over the loop in your
leader in the general area you would like the indicator positioned. Now, flip the
indicator through the leader and pull. The leader and the o-ring should be
looped to looped and form a square knot. You can slide the indicator up and
down depending on where you would like it. Dab a few drops of some dry fly
floatant to the Poly Yarn. This will help the yarn float.
Poly Yarn Strike Indicators:
Four (4)
indicators are included.

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4 each Strike
Indicators are