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Perfect Fly Deluxe Wading Staff

Wading Staffs A wading staff is a key piece of fly fishing equipment if you fish certain
kinds of fast water streams, and for certain those with slick bottoms. It doesn't matter if it
is a large, fast flowing river or a small, fast water trout stream with an uneven bottom, you
can quickly get in trouble wading. They not only help you keep your balance, they also
allow you to poke around in waters ahead to get an idea of the depth to avoid stepping into
deep holes. It has a large, round part that can be snapped on the bottom of the staff for
wading in soft bottom waters.

A word of caution. Cheap, low priced wading staffs can be dangerous. They can slip, break,
collapse, or break causing bigger problems than wading without one.

The "Perfect Fly" Deluxe Wading Staff is very strong, lightweight, and extremely
packable. There's never any reason to not take it with you. It has an aluminum staff that
packs down to 15 inches to easily stow in your pack until it's needed. Expands to 54" to
support the largest anglers. It has a grip made for the hand and a nylon wrist sling. It
includes neoprene storage case.
Perfect Fly Deluxe Wading Staff


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Perfect Fly Deluxe Wading Staff
Perfect Fly Deluxe wading staff handle
Perfect Fly Wading stall aluminum sections
Perfect Fly Deluxe Wading staff back side
Perfect Fly Deluxe Wading staff showing soft bottom addapter
Perfect Fly Wading staff in sheath
Perfect Fly Deluxe
Wading Staff


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Rear of sheath and belt.
The round attachment is for use wading
streams with soft bottoms.
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