Fishing the Brown Carpenter Ant
The Brown Carpenter Ant uses different material and sinks at a slower rate than our
Black Carpenter Ant fly. We think that could be just as important as the different color of
the ant flies. Carpenter ants are both brown and black, depending on the species and
there are many different ones that get around trout streams.

Carpenter ants have three (3) body sections, just like the real carpenter ants do. They
also have antennae and so do our Perfect Fly Brown Carpenter Ants. Brown Carpenter
ants are very plentiful around most of the World's trout streams.

Carpenter ants live in large colonies which have strict social organizations.  Ant colonies
have one or two queens per colony. The queens do all of the egg laying.

Carpenter ants are clumsy fliers and rather stupid when it comes to paying careful
attention to where they migrate. Anytime they get around a trout stream they are subject
to being washed into the streams by heavy rainfall. Wherever you find ants migrating
around the water, you'll find them getting into the water and you'll find trout eating them.

Trout and all kinds of panfish love ants. Foraging ants are always wingless. If you're
fishing for any species of fish that eats insects of any kind, they will eat an ant. Our
Perfect Fly Brown Carpenter ant catches bream, bass, crappie, perch, whitefish and
many other species of fish.

Like any ant pattern, the best time to fish imitations of the brown carpenter ant is during
the summer and early fall when they are most plentiful. Heavy rains can wash a huge
number of these ants into the water in areas where they are plentiful. The best time to
fish an imitation of them is after a hard rain. Anywhere you can find water entering a
stream, from trickles to small runoff areas of water large enough to carry ants after a rain,
is usually a good place to fish.

We have made the legs of our Brown Carpenter ant very realistic. They're not just rubber
bands like your find on the cheap imitations. They are plastic that's bent to resemble the
real ant legs.  You'll find the more realistic ant flies catch a lot more trout.
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