Fishing the Baby Diving Frog Bream and Bass Fly
Our "Perfect Fly" Baby Diving Frog Bass and Bream Fly is an imitation of a frog that
floats but dives when line is stripped in. It's for largemouth and smallmouth bass and big
bream. The Baby Diving Frog is designed to imitate a frog that tries to dive and get away
form predators such as bass and bream. This is best deer hair diving frog fly available.

This bass and bream fly has a nylon weed guard that prevents it from hanging in weeks
and grass. When you set the hook, set it hard and firm. It's best fished on a stiff, medium
to fast action fly rod that's at least a 4 weight. Most anglers prefer a 6 weight floating line
and fly rod for largemouth and smallmouth bass and a 4 or 5 weight line for big bream.

The Baby Diving Frog  fly works best when it is presented close to heavy cover where the
bass and bream hide and attack their prey. The fly works goods stripped over
submerged grass beds and aquatic vegetation for both bass and bream. Work it around
logs, both submerged and floating, tree tops and bushes in the water that provide
excellent hiding places for bass and big bream.

When the fly first hits the water start stripping in line allowing a slight pause between
strips. The fly doesn't run very deep and you can control the depth by varying the strips.
If repeating this action doesn't produce, use a much more deliberate type of action. Strip
the fly as hard and fast as you an near heavy cover or over week beds.

If you are fishing cold water that's below 55 degrees F., you should slow down the speed
of the retrieve. The Baby Diving Frog fly is most effective when the water temperature is
in the sixties to mid seventies.
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