Fishing the Baby Slider Frog Bream and Bass Fly
Our "Perfect Fly" Baby Slider Frog Bream and Bass Fly is an imitation of a frog that floats
and dives but remains shallow. It's for largemouth and smallmouth bass and big bream.
This bass and bream fly has a nylon weed guard that prevents it from hanging in weeks
and grass. When you set the hook, set it hard and firm. It's best fished on a stiff, medium
to fast action fly rod that's at least a 4 weight. Most anglers prefer a 6 weight floating line
and fly rod for largemouth and smallmouth bass and a 4 or 5 weight line for big bream.

The Baby Slider Frog  fly works best when it is presented near heavy cover where the
bass and bream can hide. Grass beds of ell grass, hydrilla, milfoil and other aquatic
vegetation provides an excellent habitat for both bass and bream. Logs, both submerged
and floating, tree tops and bushes in the water provide excellent hiding places for bass
and big bream and is exactly where you need to cast the Baby Slider Frog.

When the fly first hits the water allow it to sit for several seconds before moving it. When
you first move it, do so easily and slowly, allowing the long rubber legs to impart most of
the action. Move the fly three or four inches and let it sit again. If repeating this action
doesn't produce use a much more deliberate type of action. With your hand on the fly
line, strip about 6 to 10 inches of line in very quickly to cause the fly to dive a few inches
under the water. Pause the fly a few seconds and continue to repeat the sit and dive
action. Finally, if this fails to work, and it rarely does, do the same thing but make much
longer strips of 12 to 20 inches. Let the fly sit after each strip so that it returns back to
the surface. This is mostly effective for bass.

The Baby Slider Frog fly is most effective when the water temperature is in the sixties to
mid seventies. It works best during the hot summer when fished very early and late in the
day. It works during the Spring pre-spawn period and during the Fall. It is one of the very
best deerhair bass and bream flies.
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