Fishing the Brown and White Crayfish (Crawfish) Fly

The Brown and White Crayfish fly is designed to be fished in deeper water that is at least
three feet deep. Its lead dumbbell eyes keeps the fly down on the bottom and the hook
turned up.

It is best fished using short, two to three inch long strips. It swims backwards like real
crayfish or crayfish. There are two conditions where it works best. One is when the water
is off-colored or stained and the other is when the crayfish are spawning. The white yarn
imitates an egg sack. Our Brown Crayfish fly is best used in water than is extremely clear.

Cast the fly out and mend the line to help get the fly down to the depth you want to fish it
before you begin to strip it back in. Do not rush the retrieve. That is about the only
mistake you can make fishing the fly.

This fly is also great for large brown trout. It can be fished down and across in streams
with good results. We recommend fishing it is low light situations for trout. Large brown
trout feed during the early mornings and late afternoon and evenings. It is also effective
during overcast or cloudy days.  

It cast and works best when you are using at least a 7 weight outfit that has a medium to
fast action. You can get by with a 6 weight fly rod, especially if it is a faster action.

The Brown and White Crayfish Fly has proven effective in many lakes and streams
throughout the East, Midwest and Western areas of the U. S. and Canada. It has caught
some huge largemouth bass in the South during the Spring.
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