If a mouse or a field rat gets into the water with a bass it is
going to get eaten. These mice and rat imitations are proven
patterns that catch bass from ponds, shallow slow moving
rivers,  and lakes wherever bass exist. Cast them on lily
pads, hydrilla and in grass beds. Where ever there is lots of
vegetation near water there are mice that need a drink of
water. These deer hair flies are realistic imitations of the real
things. The long tails and details such as ears, eyes and hair
that breathes in the water add life-like action.
Bass Bugs and Flies - Mice and Rats
Natural Mouse
Copyright 2018 James Marsh
Natural MouseRat
Albino Mouse
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Mice and Rat Imitations
Mouse Bass fly
Mouse/Rat bass fly
Natural Mouse bass fly
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Pond Largemouth caught on a fly
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These are our versions of
some older, traditional  fly
patterns that we have
improved on with a more
realistic appearance and
higher quality construction.
Bass on the fly
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