Fly Fishing the Perfect Fly Japanese Beetle

Anytime during the summer, usually from about the first of July through September, but
earlier in the Southwestern and Southern states, you will find Japanese Beetles crawling
around on the banks, rocks, tree limbs and leaves, grass and other vegetation on most
any trout stream or still water in the nation. They are one of the most common beetles.
When the wind blows hard, many of the beetles that are near water end up in the water.
This is usually the best time to try an imitation of them.

In still or slow moving water with a smooth surface, it is usually best to fish the fly to
individual fish you can spot. If you are unable to do that, then the best method is to blind
cast the fly to likely trout lies near the banks where beetles are most likely to get blown or
to fall in the water. Most often, a down or down and across presentation works best.

In fast moving water with a broken surface, such as pocket water, you should present the
fly using a upstream or up and across presentation. Again, concentrate on likely spots
where trout could be feeding or holding that are near the banks with trees and other
vegetation nearby.
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Japanese Beetle Perfect Fly