There are over 28,000 species of beetles in the United States. There are aquatic species
of beetles and terrestrial (land) species of them. The aquatic variety is not very important
in most trout streams or lakes. The terrestrial variety is very important because they can
represent a good portion of the trout's food. They become even more important in the
hottest months of the year when few aquatic insects are hatching.

We are only concerned with the adult stage of life of the beetle because the adults get
into the water by falling in off grass, bushes and trees. High wind can put a lot of them in
the water quickly and when that happens, the trout may focus entirely on eating them/
These beetles come in all sizes from tiny to large sizes. We have come up with a "Perfect
Fly" beetle fly that imitates what is probably the most common and most important
species of beetles - the Japanese Beetle.

When a beetle falls in the water, it usually remains motionless. It tends to just ride the
surface. Maybe they go into a state of shock because the ones we have thrown in the
water always appear to just die, although we are certain they don't die quickly.
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