Freshwater Baitfish and Minnow Fly Selection:
This basic selection of baitfish and minnow flies will catch largemouth bass, smallmouth
bass, and many other freshwater species of fish in lakes, ponds, river, creeks, and

The selection includes 10 flies as shown:
Flies purchased individually: $43.80
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Flies Included:
2 each Slider Baitfish, hook size 2 (2 flies)
2 each Swimming Shad, hook size 2/0 (2 flies)
2 each Swimming Bluegill, hook size 2/0 (2 flies)
2 each Green and White Deceiver, hook size 1/0 (2 flies)
2 each Chartruse and White Clouser Baitfish, hook size 1/0 (2 flies)

Total 10 "Perfect Fly" Freshwater Baitfish and Minnow Flies
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