Big Slate Drake
The Big Slate Drake Spinners usually fall right when it starts to get dark and on into the
night. Both sexes fall spent into the water. This is the same time the mayflies hatch. You
may not know whether to fish the Perfect Fly Big Slate Drake Dun or Spinner. In some
cases, in the low light conditions, either one may well work. Trial and error is the only
method to use to make that decision.

You should concentrate on areas where the spinners may congregate, such as the tails
of pools or the calm eddies and edges of moving water. If you can find a feeding trout,
you should try to get into a position to present a fly to it of course. If not, present the
spinner imitation where you can best see the fly.

You may want to try fishing the spinner in the early morning before the sun rises. Large
brown trout can sometimes be found feeding on the spinners at this time.
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