Black Brahan
Atlantic Salmon Fly:
I must assume this fly has something to do with the fabulous Brahan fishing which has
three beats: the Upper, Middle and Lower Brahan beats. Each one allows four rods and
has its on full-time ghillie. It is the most productive fishing on the River Conon system with
lots of fish caught each year. If you could even get in some time on a beat, be prepared
to take your check book because you will pay more to fish than most people make in a

Now to be honest, I'm not certain the Brahan beats have anything to do with the fly but I'm
guessing it does. Wherever the fly originated, or whatever, or whomever it was named
after, it's a fact that it's a very productive and popular salmon fly. If anyone has more
information than this about the flies origin, please let me hear from you.

The Black Brahan was one of the top ten flies used by the anglers we consulted
regarding selections for Atlantic Salmon. It is commonly used in many of the rivers on the
East Coast and is a favorite in both high and low water conditions. Its black wing, red
body and yellow tail is obviously a good combination of colors.
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