Black Dancer Caddisfly - Adult

The Black Dancer is normally a great fly to imitate and catch trout on because the adult
rides the water a long time after it emerges. It normally hatches in the early mornings
when the water is still relatively cool.

They are fairly easy to spot on the normal smooth, slow moving streams, or the calm
water of lakes and ponds where they are most plentiful.

You can fish the "Perfect Fly" Adult fly two different ways. Since these caddisflies ride the
water for a short time after emerging, the trout usually eat them before they fly away. You
can imitate the newly hatched Black Dancers by casting your fly into the same area you
spot them on the stream or lake. You may want to add the slightest twitch possible to the
fly, just barely enough to make it look alive.

The other way to fish the fly is during the egg laying event. That normally happens in the
evenings, but you may try late in the afternoon after the sun has set. If it is a cloudy,
heavily overcast day or misting rain, you may try earlier in the day. If you have a clear
area around the banks, or you know the water well enough to  wade after it is dark, you
may continue to fish on into the evening. Most egg laying takes place in the evening so
keep in mind that is the prime time.

In many part of the Northwest, it doesn't get dark until very late. Sometimes it is after
10:00 PM. You usually have plenty of time after the sun sets to fish the fly.
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