Black Munro
Atlantic Salmon Fly:
I haven't been able to determine the origin of this fly. It's history goes back into the late
1800s but of course, its wing was made of feathers. The fly is generally the same one as
shown in the old Bergman's book but it had a yellow mallard quill for the tail. That fly was
just the Munro, not the black Munro. Somewhere along the way someone started tying it
using mostly black; however, the wing and tail is yellow.

Black has always be a favorite salmon fly color. It works both in clear and dingy water.
Black fishing lures that are made for bass, pike and other species of fish have always
worked in different water colors. I guess the flash of yellow, which shows up well in dingy
water, helps attract the salmon.

We are keeping the fly mostly black but adding a gold rib and yellow tail. The wing is hair
that's a mixture of black and yellow. There's a touch of bright blue just for that added
attraction. Whatever the color combination serves, it's a fact the Black Munro catches
plenty of salmon on the east Coast of the United States as well as being one of the
favorite flies for Scotland and other countries with salmon. .
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