Black Nose Dace Fly (Streamer):

The Black Nose Dace Fly is tied to imitate the Black Nose Dace
minnow. This minnow is identified by its black band that runs
laterally from its nose to its tail on both sides of the minnow. It is
found just about everywhere from the East coast westward to the
Dakotas and south to Texas and Florida. It is mostly found in small
rocky streams with a gravel bottom and fairly fast moving water.
Fully grown, they are about two and a half inches long. These small
minnow are eaten by trout, smallmouth and largemouth bass, pike
and many other gamefish.

The best way to fish it, it to present it in the shallow water around
the banks or in shallow water pockets within the stream. These
minnow are generally not found in deep water although they may
be. Most of the time the game fish will run into shallow water and eat
them and then go back to their deeper water sanctuaries.

We suggest you vary the retrieve using short, erratic strips as well
as longer, slow swimming motions. These minnow dart about in the
water, and that is what you want to imitate. They rarely just swim
slowly along. Stop the retrieve for a few seconds and then strip it
just enough to make the fly dart a few inches. It works best early
and late in the day especially if the water is very clear. It is also
good during times of heavy overcast skies.
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Black Nose Dace
Black Nose Dace Fly
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