Black Stoat
Atlantic Salmon Fly:
The Black Stoat Atlantic Salmon fly is a very effective fly. It's a traditional salmon fly that's
been around for many years. The fly was first tied using the black tip of a stoat's tail. It is
now tied using bucktail or squirrel tail that has been dyed. The Black Stoat fly is also
used for steelhead and sea trout.

As most all anglers know, black works in both very clear water as well as stained water. It
is also known to be a good low water fly. When the water gets low and on the warm side,
you should give the Black Stoat a try. That's what it is best known for. It shouldn't be
limited just to that because it is also proven to work under many other stream conditions.

The origin of the Black Stoat Atlantic Salmon fly is unknown. Some say it came from the
River Dee in Scotland but this hasn't been verified. Others say that James Wright of
Scotland first tied the fly in the 1870's. Hairwing salmon flies are now more common than
the traditional feather winged flies. Most of the feather-winged original fly patterns are
now found in frames, displayed as art.

The right choice of an Atlantic Salmon fly is usually just a matter of one's opinion. Once
an angler catches a few fish on any fly, it's usually not easily forgotten. Most anglers want
to stick with what's proven to be successful. It's always best to follow your own idea rather
than listen to others who are merely providing their own idea. If your using a long time
proven fly pattern, your at least not exactly experimenting. Remember too, that its often
more to do with how the fly is presented than it is the particular fly your choose to use.
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