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Perfect Fly HD Boat Fly Box
To go along with our high quality flies, check out our  
Perfect Fly high quality fly boxes. We think these
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The HD Boat Fly Box is a large size plastic, click
lock, fly fishing box designed to carry large flies such
as streamers for
trout, largemouth and
smallmouth bass, northern pike, musky,
salmon, steelhead and saltwater flies
. Both
sides of the box carries flies.

It has the designation
"HD" because it is a very
heavy duty fly box. The box is almost

Our micro-slit foam fly boxes store, organize and
protect your flies. Compare our
Perfect Fly boxes
to any other similar fly boxes.  
Perfect Fly HD Boat Fly Box
*Micro-slit foam is on both sides of
the fly box. This doubles the capacity
of the box.
*Made of top grade PP material. High
Density EVA foam.

Interior Size:
Model HD401 - 9 1/2 x 7 x 2 1/2

Micro-slit foam type:
Triangle style Micro-slit foam allows
more room for the barbs of larger size
hooks from 12 to 3/0.
The Best Fly Boxes Available
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Model FB 301 Boat box carries flies on both sides.

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Perfect Fly HD Boat Fly Box
Open Fly Box - Click to enlarge
Close-up of latch- Click to enlarge
This shows the approximate amount of
space the Boat Box provides and gives
you an idea of the size and number of
flies it would store, depending on the
hook (fly) size. In this case, we inserted
our Brown Sculpin Streamer fly, hook
size 6; a Golden Stonefly nymph, hook
size 10; and a Sulphur Mayfly Nymph,
hook size 16. We left a space between
them for clarity but could have reduced
the space into half that. Of course, you
can store flies much larger than the
hook size 6 streamer. Flies (hooks) as
large as a size 4/0 will store well in this
box. As you can see, you have both
sides of the box to use.