Fly Fishing Destination Books:

Trout Streams of Northern New England
Trout Streams of Southern New England
Trout Streams of Wisconsin and Minnesota, 2nd Ed.
Trout Streams of Michigan
Trout Streams of Virgina
Trout Streams of Southern Appalachia
Arizona Trout Streams and Their Hatches
Montana On The Fly
Fly Fishing Long Island
Fly Fishing The Louisiana Coast
Great Smoky Mountains National Park Angler's Companion
Fly Fishing Guide To The Great Smoky Mountains
Fly-Fisher's Bible To Montana
Fly-Fishing The Florida Keys - The Guides' Guide
Fly Fishing New Jersey Trout Streams
High Sierra Fly Fishing - Basics to Advanced Tactics

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Before you go anywhere to fish it is a good idea to get a book about fly
fishing your intended destination. The good ones provide a lot of useful
information that may save you some wasted time and effort. To some
extent, you can become familiar with the water before you ever see it. You
can get a good idea as to what gear, clothing and flies you need to take
along. We have read a lot of destination fishing books prior to fishing the 47
states we have fly fished in along with numerous saltwater destinations.
These are the books that turned out to be the most informative ones about
the places we have fished.