Bream - Shellcracker
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Bream Flies
Bream is pronounced "Brim" by many southerners. Many anglers call bream Bluegill. Panfish is yet another name
used for bream. We have a separate section on
Panfish flies because the name describes many other species
other than Bream. By Bream Flies, we mean artificial flies used to imitate a variety of things Bream eat. They are
used fly fishing for bream. Be sure to see our newest bream flies below. Bream Poppers.

The typical bream fly is usually called a Bream bug and it is usually similar but smaller than poppers used for
bass. Our Perfect Fly Bream bugs resemble actual insects which are a prime source of food for many species of
fish called Bream. Some are popping bugs that imitate frogs and small baitfish. Some are flies that are fished
beneath the surface and imitate minnow, small baitfish, frogs, and other items of food. First, let me explain what I
am called "Bream".

Bream are just one of many species of sunfish. The Bluegill is the most plentiful sunfish in the U. S. The Bluegill
has several names, depending on what part of the country you are in. They are called Perch, Copperhead, and
several other names.

Another bream is the Redear Sunfish. It comes from a crimson tip on the gill. They have teeth for grinding up
mollusks and are also called "Shellcrackers". The Redear Sunfish live in the southeast and have been introduced
in some northern and western states. They live and feed mostly on the bottom and prefer deeper water than
some of the other bream.

Redbreast Sunfish is another popular bream. They are generally a little smaller than their relatives. The
Redbreast has a area of color across its breast and belly and is what give this panfish its name. The color on the
redbreast is sometimes multi-colored and can be a yellow or a rust color. Some of these fish are called Yellow
Bellies, Yellowbreast Bream, Robin, and Red Perch. You will find these in all types of warm water, even brackish
water. They eat mostly grubs, worms, insect larvae and pupae, snails and crayfish.

Our Perfect Fly
Bream flies are classified as frogs, minnows, nymphs and terrestrial insects. We also have a small
Stealth Bomber fly we classify as an attractor.

The Perfect Fly
bream nymphs consist of the Whitetail Panfish nymph, Greentail Panfish nymph, Green and
Yellow Brim fly and the McGinty Bream fly.

The Perfect
Fly frog imitations for bream are the Baby Popping frog, Baby Slider Frog and Baby Diving Frog.
They imitate frogs from the surface to deeper depths.

The Perfect Fly
minnow imitations for bream are the Panfish Minnow and Bream Minnow.

We have several Perfect Fly
terrestrial insect imitations. They are the Red Legged Ant, Yellow Legged Ant, Green
Weenie (inch worm), Perfect Fly Cricket, Black Cricket and Dave's Hopper.

We also have some small Stealth Bomber flies or
attractor flies for bream. They are the Chartreuse with White
Feather Stealth Bomber and the Black with Yellow Feather Stealth Bomber.

Panfish and Bream Poppers, These are highest grade poppers available.
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