Attractor flies are flies that don't necessarily imitate or resemble
any specific creature found in nature but rather a variety of
different types of frogs, minnows, baitfish, and other things bass
and panfish of all types eat. It's mostly the action they provide
that attracts the fish. Their appearance doesn't necessarily
match any specific thing.  
Stealth Bomber flies will catch just about anything that swims. In
addition to largemouth and smallmouth bass, in the smaller
sizes, it catches bream and other types of panfish as well as any
fly that exist. It dives when retrieved and then wiggles its way
back to the surface.
The Stealth Bomber flies are made from closed cell foam with
rubber legs and a split feather tail.
Stealth Bomber -
Chartreuse with
White Feather
Bream/Panfish Bugs and Flies - Attractors
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Stealth Bomber -
Black with Yellow
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Exotic fish caught in a Miami canal
James Marsh fishing for bream Panama City Beach
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Stealth Bomber fly
Black Stealth bomber fly
Chartreuse Stealth Bomber
Black Stealth bomber with hair tail
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