Bream, sunfish, shell crackers, perch and other species of pan-
fish prefer small frogs over just about anything. Bullfrogs are
especially plentiful in most lakes, ponds, western tanks,
backwaters of impoundments, rivers, and creeks.A baby frog is
very susceptible to being eaten by a panfish. By the way, crappie
and small bass also find them irresistible.
The frog poppers or flies are best presented by casting them
upon the bank or back into the grass and pulling them off into
the water. If you are careful, you can pull the fly off of lily pads and
other surface floating vegetation without hanging the hook. That
is how the small fish are used to seeing them get into the water.
Baby Slider Frog
Baby Diving Frog
Bream/Panfish Bugs and Flies - Frogs
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Baby Popping Frog
Perfect fly Baby Poppng Frog
Perfect fly baby slider frog
Perect fly Baby Popping frog
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Bream from Tennesse lake
Photo Courtesy of David Knapp Photography
Nice Bream caught on Perfect fly popper
Photo Courtesy of David Knapp Photography
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