Bream, sunfish, shell crackers, perch and other species of pan-
fish eat more minnows than anything. There are many different
species of minnows and small fish that panfish eat depending
on the location and type of water. While it is certainly a lot of fun
to catch these little hard fighting fish on the surface on popping
bugs and dry flies, it isn't always an effective method. Often  
bream and other panfish will take wet flies or flies fished at
various depths far better than dry flies or flies fished on the
surface. You don't necessarily need a lot of different patterns or
a huge color selection for these flies. We have found these to be
very effective in imitating the behavior of minnows.
Bream/Panfish Bugs and Flies - Minnows
Fishing  Information
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Fishing Information
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Bream Minnow
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Panfish Minnow
Perfect Fly Bream Minnow
Perfect Fly Panfish minnow
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