Bream, sunfish, shell crackers, perch and other species of pan-
fish thrive on the nymphs of aquatic insects. The damselfly,
dragonfly and other larger aquatic adult insects are present in
the water ninety-nine percent of their life as a nymph. The
stonefly nymphs are also plentiful In the colder waters of many
streams. These larger nymphs are not the only nymphs eaten by
panfish. They also eat mayfly, caddisfly, water boatman, and
other smaller nymphs. In many cases nymphs represent the
major source of food for smaller or panfish. The following wet
flies or nymph imitations are great for all species of panfish as
well as trout. If the surface action is lacking, try one of these.
Fish them near the surface unweighted or weight your leader or
tippet down a few inches above the fly and fish them at other
depths from the bottom to the surface.
Whitetail Panfish
Bream/Panfish Bugs and Flies - Nymphs
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Greentail Panfish
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Green and Yellow
...Bream Nymph
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Perfect fly Greentail panfish nymph
Perfect fly Whitetail panfish nymph
Perfect Fly green and Yellow bream nymph
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Bream caught on a perfect fly popper
McGinty by Perfect fly
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McGinty Wet Fly
Classic Nymph
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Perfect fly popper produced a nice bream
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