Bream, sunfish, shell crackers, perch and other species of pan-
fish provide a lot of fun for the fly angler. They are plentiful and
found in all types of water. Watching a bream take a popping
bug or floating spiker from the surface of the water and then
fighting it on a light fly rod is an enjoyable experience for many
anglers. Flies that imitate small minnows, insects and
crustaceans will take these smaller species of panfish from the
surface as well as below the surface. We have flies and bugs
that have been proven to be very effective on lakes, ponds,
creeks and rivers form east to west.
Bream/Panfish Bugs and Flies
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Perfect fly bream minnow flies
Perfect fly bream nymphs
Perfect fly frog bream flies
Pond Bream
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James with shellcracker
James Marsh with bream
shellcracker on perfect fly nymph
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Perfect fly bream attractor flies
Perfect Fly Orange Bream Popper
Panfish/Bream Poppers