Stealth Bomber Bream and Panfish Fly

This is a relatively new fly design called the Stealth Bomber. It has become a very
popular fly for smallmouth bass but in smaller sizes, it will take bream and other types of
panfish just as well. It's name came from it's resemblance to the Stealth Bomber airplane.
It isn't a far cry from the traditional Dahiberg Diver bass fly.

Our versions of the Stealth bomber fly comes with feather tails. The fly is a foam version
of the Turck's Tarantula which was designed for bass. It wiggles, bubbles and dives when
it is retrieved.

The fly casts without twisting. It should be stripped in using short strips. The fly is
designed such that the foam tab together with the air space provides turbulence or
bubbles when the fly dives. It also has a side to side movement that drives bream and
other types of panfish crazy. It's designed to sit low in the water rather than high mostly
out of the water. The rubber legs of the Stealth Bomber adds to the action.

The fly currently comes in a hook size 10. Smaller size will be available soon.
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