A terrestrial insect is an insect that's born on land, lives on land
its entire life but accidentally gets into the water. Examples are
grasshoppers, ants and beetles. Bream, sunfish, shell
crackers, perch and other species of pan-fish thrive on terrestrial
Ants and beetles usually get washed into the water by heavily
rain drainage. Grasshoppers usually get blown into the water by
the wind or just happen to not realize where they are going to
land when the make their short flights. Inchworms, called span
worms, loopers, sour worms and many other names are moth
larvae. They usually fall into the water from the limbs of bushes
and trees that extend out over streams or the banks of lakes.
When grasshoppers land on the water they usually float on the
surface and kick their legs trying to get back to land. Ants float for
a short time but end up sinking. Moth larvae usually begin to
sink as soon as they hit the water.
Red Legged Ant
Bream/Panfish Bugs and Flies - Terrestrials
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Dave's Hopper
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Green Weenie
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Daves Hopper by Perfect fly
Green Weenie by Perfect fly
James Marsh with shellcracker
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Yellow Legged Ant
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James Marsh with shellcracker
Shellcreacker panama city fl
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Perfect fly cricket
Perfect Fly Cricket
Perfect fly black cricket fly
Black Cricket
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Bad Beetle
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