Chocolate Dun and Olive Sulfer (Little Dark Hendricksons)

As I previously said, the Chocolate Dusn and Olive Sulfers hatch in the late mornings and
early afternoons during the summer months. You will always find them in moderate to fast
flowing water that typically has a lot of vegetation. The Perfect Fly Chocolate Dun usually
works great when they begin to hatch.

The best presentation is usually an up or up and across presentation along the edges of
the fast or moderately flowing water that is near weeds or grass. Fish the current seams
where the slow water meets the moderate to fast water.

Allow the dun to come all the way down the current seam near the end of it. They often
take the fly near the end of the seam. You should always watch for any bubbles on the
surface of the water. If you find any, that is where you should place your fly. If you fish the
Sulfer hatches or the Hendrickson hatches successfully, then you should know how to
fish this hatch. It is very similar except it is always fished near vegetation.
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