Chocolate Dun and Olive Sulfer (Little Dark Hendricksons)

The Chocolate Dun and Olive Sulfer hatch in the late mornings and early afternoons
during the summer months. They are small, crawler mayflies. As mentioned before, they
live in moderate to fast flowing water that typically has a lot of vegetation. The Perfect Fly
Chocolate Dun Emerger and Emerger with Trailing Shuck flies works best when these
mayflies first begin to hatch. These nymphs move from the fast/moderate water to slower
moving water to hatch. They hatch in the surface skim.

The best presentation is usually an up or up and across presentation along the edges of
the fast water. Fish the current seams near the weed beds. If you fish them in the weed
beds you are going to get hung up but you want to keep them close as possible.

The best way to do this is to wear polarized sunglasses and spot cast the emerger flies
around the week beds. The fly should float in the surface skim at the edges of the slower
moving water adjacent to the faster water.
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