Chocolate Dun and Olive Sulfer (LIttle Dark Hendrickson)
The Chocolate Dun and Olive Sulfer Spinner fall occurs in the afternoons during the
summer. It can be very heavy in certain streams such as the Ausable in Michigan. The
spinners fall in the same water they hatch from.  

The male spinner is a different color from the female spinner. That is why we have a
Perfect Fly Male Spinner fly and a Perfect Fly Female Spinner fly. We found that many
anglers who fish this hatch prefer to use one of the other or both.

It is best to use an up or up and across presentation near the end of the edges of the
fast or moderately flowing water near weeds or grass. You want to fish the very end of
the current seams, not the upper parts of the seams. Most of the time the water is barely
moving. Also pay attention to any eddies that may collect the spinners. The tail ends of
the runs and riffles is another good place to look for them. They are so small and float so
low you have to use a skim net to know if they are in the water.
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