Cicada Fly
This is one fly that is very easy to present. In fact, provided you don't spook
every fish in the water by slapping the fly line down on the surface or making a
huge disturbance on the water, it's difficult to make a bad presentation. We
suggest first casting it near the banks of the stream or lake your fishing, Most of
the time the Cicadas get on the water near the banks although that certainly isn't
always the case. The insects can fly a good ways and may land anywhere on the
water. Once they do, they usually make a big disturbance fluttering around. You
may try adding some quick twitches to the fly by shaking your rod tip or flickering
the fly line with your non-rod hand.

Cicadas are eaten by birds, fish and other animals. They usually emerge in very
large quantities and provide plenty of food for fish of various species. These are
terrestrial insects. They get into the water accidentally by falling in, not emerging
from the water. This happens more frequently when it is very windy.

Start fishing the Cicada when these insects first emerge. The fish usually get
used to seeing them on the water of lakes, rivers and streams and the imitations
usually work much longer than the insects are present.

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