Cinnamon Caddisflies (ceratopsyche sp)

Cinnamon Caddisflies, also called Cinnamon Sedges, are found to some extent
in most of the trout streams in the Eastern United States as well as some
Mid-Western streams. On most trout streams in the nation, the
and the very similar hydropsyche species, would represent the majority
of the caddisflies available for trout to eat. In some streams they would even
represent the majority of the food the trout have to eat. This is especially true of
tailwaters or any stream with a higher pH level.

These caddisflies need plankton to survive and acidic, freestone streams that
don't have a lot of plankton is about the only trout streams that don't have them
in decent quantities. To make this simple for you, consider this. If you find the
rocks in the stream you are fishing are slick and you have trouble wading without
slipping down, you can be assured that there will be a good population of
net-spinning caddisflies in the stream. In the Eastern United States and parts of
the Mid-west, most of these net-spinners will be species of the
genus of caddisflies. There are many species of them in this genera but they are
all very similar.

Keep in mind that where they are plentiful, they are very important. The different
species hatch at different times from about the middle of April until the middle of
September, depending on what part of the nation you are fishing.

Another reason for their importance is the fact trout eat them in three stages of
their life. They eat the larva, pupa and adults. The Cinnamon Caddisflies are
available for the trout to eat most of the time. The larvae don't build cases as
such, rather shelters. They expose themselves on silk lines extended from near
their shelters to enable them to feed. They catch their food in tiny nets that filter
the water.

If you fish for trout just about anywhere in the eastern or midwestern part of the
nation, it's almost assured that you will need to be able to imitate these
caddisflies. They are very plentiful and very wide spread in distribution.
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