Perfect Fly Cinnamon Sedge Steelhead Fly
The Perfect Fly Cinnamon Caddisfly is the most common caddisfly found in the
Eastern and Western United States. Their larvae are net spinners that live in most all
the streams in the nation and are very plentiful in the tributary steelhead streams of
the Great Lakes as well as those of the Pacific Coast.

These are the Ceratopsyche and Hydropsyche species that the juvenile steelhead get
used to eating before they head out to the Pacific Sea or into the Great Lakes. They
also eat them when they return to the streams to spawn. We originally had this fly
pattern for trout but discovered that steelhead anglers were purchasing and using
them as well, nymphing for steelies.

You want to fish this larva imitation the same way you would fish a stonefly nymph.
Keeping it near the bottom is best, so you should add weight a few inches above the
fly depending on the current and depth of water your fishing. The fly is very durable
and is tied using a salmon hook.
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