Comet Steelhead and Salmon Fly
The Comet steelhead and salmon fly is said to imitate an Alevan or salmon fry. We have
several colors of the comet and each has a particular best scenario under which to use it.

We found where Mr. Dan Conway of Seattle, Washington, originated the comet fly pattern
in 1934. Although this fly originated in the Pacific Northwest, it has proven successful
anywhere steelhead and salmon exist including the Great Lakes waters.

The chartreuse comet has been reported to be a great tide water fly pattern. The color
chartreuse works great in off colored water. Our Orange Comet is one of the most
popular of all the comet fly colors. It works well in clear water. Red, a color that changes
to brown in deeper water, works in a variety of water conditions.

This fly is effective for both steelhead and salmon. It is certainly one that belongs in
everyone's fly box. This is a very durable fly and usually last for a long time. It is usually
fished on the swing but can be presented other ways. Get it in front of a steelhead or
salmon and get ready to set the hook.

Red Comet Shown
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