Cream Cahills - Duns

As mentioned in the previous article, the duns vary some in appearance.
However, all of the species are quite different in appearance from most other
mayflies that are hatching during the same time of the year. Some of the duns
have abdomens that are almost white. They are all much lighter in color than the
Light Cahills.

These mayflies hatch mostly in the late afternoons or evenings. The warmer the
weather, the later in the day. I would suggest that you fish the dun imitation
starting about an hour or two before dark. If the stream can be fished after dark,
you may want to continue on into the evening.

I prefer short up and up and across presentations. You want to fish the current
seams same as you would the emergers but you want the dun imitations to drift
much farther downstream all the way to the end of the current seams. Watch for
the bubbles and let your fly drift through the same area of water.
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