Cream Cahills - Emergers

It appears to me that most of these species hatch in the evenings. I have not
found many newly hatched duns. It seems you just discover the duns on the
stream and never see them hatching. I would assume they hatch in the surface
skim like but I do not know for certain. They are suppose to hatch in the surface
skim. Although I am appreciative of the work and effort put forth by most of the
writers of the aquatic insect books on trout fishing, I have discovered many errors
that have been put in print as well as differences from one book to the next. The
Cream Cahill clingers are difficult to raise in an aquarium and I have not seen
them hatch.   

Emerger Presentation:
You want to present the emerger imitations, both trailing shuck and regular
emerger in the current seams along side the fast water of the runs and riffles. I
prefer to use a short up stream or up and across stream presentation. The fly
should drift in the surface skim. You will not have any trouble detecting the
strikes provided you don't make a long cast.
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