Cream Cahills
The Cream Cahills are difficult to describe. They are also very difficult to tell
apart in the field. The colors can vary from stream to stream and species to
species. As you can see below, there are several species that fall under the
common name "Cream Cahill". The nymphs are very similar. They are almost
impossible to tell apart with a microscope. The duns, however, can vary in
appearance quite a bit. The shade of color of the wings, bodies, and other body
parts varies from species to species. Basically, they all have a cream, creamy
white to beige body with a darker thorax. They all have pale gray wings but the
markings, if they have them, will vary.

Like most clinger species, the spinners are usually the same as the duns except
the wings become transparent and the front legs and tails become much longer.
The bodies usually become darker and change towards a brown or rusty color.
These are the known species that exist in the park. The
ithaca species can look
as much like a Light Cahill as a Cream Cahill.
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