Crystal Meth Steelhead Egg Fly
The Crystal Meth Steelhead Egg fly is one of the top egg flies to be used in Steelhead
Alley along the Great Lakes. It imitates sucker spawn. Steelhead eat a lot of eggs when
they are in the rivers. During the Winter, when suckers move up in the river to spawn,
steelhead have a feast on their eggs.

This fly is similar to the Sucker Spawn Egg fly except it is made of different material that
give the impression of a cluster of sucker eggs. We think the name "Crystal Meth"
originated because the tier though the steelhead would become addicted to eating the fly
like humans become addicted to the drug crystal meth.

The Crystal Meth Steelhead Egg fly should be fished allowing the fly to bounce along the
bottom during the Winter when the suckers are in the tributary steelhead streams
spawning. It is usually fished on the swing using the traditional wet fly method.

The fly is also becoming popular on the Pacific Coast steelhead streams. It also imitates
the eggs of other species of fish.
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