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Here Is What Just A Few Of Our Customers Have To Say About Our Flies, Fly Rods, Tackle, Gear and Website

(We only post about one out of a hundred emails we get complimenting our flies and service. We didn't post any in the year 2014.



I never got a chance to properly thank you for your help last year in guiding me on my quest to find trout in the Smokies! I stayed in Murphy, NC and unfortunately did not end up having all the time I wanted to fish; however, I did get out a few times. I talked to a few locals who directed me to an area called Fires Creek. It was beautiful country up there and pristine, just how I wanted. The river did seem a little high and, due to the relative short time I had to learn the stream, I felt a little put off. I threw one of your stoneflies in the creek that you recommended and sold to me, and I caught rainbow after rainbow after rainbow. I would never have had any of this success if it wasn’t for all your help with choosing the area and choosing the flies for me. I’m a 19 year old broke college student and from Ohio and without people like you, I never would have been able to know what I was doing down there.

I am planning another trip down to the Gatlinburg area during July and will most certainly be using your website again to purchase flies and for general information about the area.

Thanks again!
Kyle Hinderer


I am writing to tell you that I really like your website. I am a life member of T. U. and have fished a lot of streams, visited a lot of fly shops (personally and online) and I honestly do not think I have ever seen a better website than yours. Thanks for the great job.

I am sending this by way of the email server I use for my own email account rather than the "express" server that goes with your website because that server wants to go through a system which I no longer subscribe to.

Lee Snyder . . . . . Wisconsin


I can't tie flies anymore. It's an eye thing. Finding this merchant online was a great boon to me. I am very willing to pay more for quality flies. And these are quality flies. They have that extra detail that, for one, inspires confidence in the fly, and, for another, provokes dreams of trout by just looking them over in your hand.

The flies look remarkably like insects. I could place one on the kitchen counter and fool anyone into thinking it's real until they pick it up. Some of them look delicate but they fish very well and hold up. Their mature caddis, when dowsed with floatant, have fooled some very particular slow-water trout for me. There was no hesitation in the trout that these were real caddis floating by.

I've made several purchases from The Perfect Fly Store and their flies are now the ones that fill my fly boxes and provoke my visions of the magic of this endeavor. They're a little more expensive but worth it all the way. I suspect they'll be a major supplier of my flies for a long time.


I just wanted you to know, your flies are great. I bought some last year and discovered that your caddis worked wonders in slow, clear water. i think it's supposed to be a sinking caddis but i float it becuse it's so realistic. It has fooled some wary trout. For me, it's the ultimate caddis imitation and I doubt any trout with an inclination to eat a caddis would pass it up as long as I get a good float. I have yet to fish it wet but I plan to and will have high confidence.

Your beetle is the only foam beetle I use now. There's something about it. I fish an area where the trout seem bent on avoiding anything larger than a size 22. Tiny ants work there sometimes but they're hard for me to fish. Your beetle works there too in size 14! I'm sure it's because it looks so darn real.

You sent me some extra flies with my orders last summer. One was a small stonefly nymph that I didn't know what to do with. I had no stoneflies in the streams I fish. Then I saw one climbing skyward in one of my streams. I tried several nymph patterns with no luck. Then I found yours in the bottom of one of my fly boxes. I bounced it off the bottom of some very clear, deep water where I could see some monsters sulking. One took it without hesitation. I truly believe it was tied so realistically that that trout had no qualms. He'd seen that before and knew it was food. That's what pretty much led me to this current order where I picked up more of your stoneflies, among a few other flies for restocking.

Thanks for including it as an extra last year. It made an otherwise quiet day very exciting. I buy a lot of flies from a lot of different places. Yours are definitely my favorites. I can't tie for various reasons, so I really appreciate the high quality and effectiveness of your flies.

Roger Damon

We wrote back and ask permission to use this: His Answer:

You can use my comments on your website. They're damn good flies. I had another one on today on that stone but he caught me napping and I never set the hook. I saw him twist away from it. Nice size to him. Such a surprise. Low, clear water and they're going for something that big. That says something. I just wish I knew more streams that had big stone flies living within. It's fun not having to deal with a #22 or smaller fly this time of year.

Flies Used In Great Smoky Mountains National Park:

We hit Roaring Fork, Cosby, Middle and West...with a trip up Porters to boot. Great fishing. Great flies. I still have much to learn about your nymphs...but top water was great. Best trout was out of Roaring Fork about 1/2 mile up from the store near the end of the loop...bout a 14inch bow.

Thanks for your help.
Sean Doyle

Another One:


Thanks again for your time on the phone. I was looking up sulfur hatches on Google when I found your web site here and to my surprise I found "the best fly-fishing web site ever". Your illustrations of the different insects (Mayflies, Caddisflies & Midges) and hatch reports for the different areas of the country are excellent.

Living in Wears Valley TN, I usually fish the streams in the park and tailwaters of Tennessee but now that I have experience your web site I am equipped with more knowledge to fish rivers and streams across the nation.

Thank you so much for providing such a useful tool for fly-fishermen at any level.

Chris Cannon


Received your fly's . I really wanted the fishing versions not the artistic ones !!! There nothing short of amazing. Thank you so much for the free samples. Nice work and thank you again .

Lance Bowman

Texas: One Of Many Reports Sent In To Yahoo

Rating: Excellent
Price Rating: Excellent
Shipping Options Rating: Excellent
Delivery Rating: Excellent
Ease of Purchase Rating: Excellent
Customer Service Rating: Excellent
James Marsh (The Perfect Fly) flies are quality products at a bargain price. He also gives excellent info on how to fish them, and a natural history of the specific insect. I highly recommend Vic Williams

Yellowstone Trip:

Perfect Fly

Before a trip to Yellowstone this August your web site provided invaluable information on flies I should use on specific waters within YNP. I previously fished in Sep-Oct but August was a new experience and your advice on August patterns was right-on-target. More importantly, your web site also cautioned me on the potential for rattlesnakes within the Black Canyon of the Yellowstone. In eleven years hiking all over YNP I never encountered a rattlesnake but your warning kept me alert on the possibility throughout the 30-mile hike. Slightly downstream of Knowles Falls the rattler began warning me of its presence, thank you.

Jim Nock


Good morning James,

Mark Lowry here from Arkansas, I didn't get to make it last fall due to a medical issue and I am foaming at the mouth to get there this spring. As you can probably tell from my orders I am planning a trip to the park. I have 2 questions if you don't mind. I read something some time ago in one of your articles about felt sole wading boots, what was that about? Are they now illegal to use in TN or in the park now? I don't want to do anything illegal or transfer any algae from one stream to another. And the other is about the spring season, would you say it is spot on or a week or two early or late in the park? Here in Arkansas I would say it is about a week or 2 early but as we both know that can change in the blink of an eye.

I had such great success fishing your "Perfect Flies" last trip that all I am going to fish with this year is the Perfect Flies...just hope I have This year I am going to keep a journal on all the streams, conditions, and the flies that I fish.

I appreciate all the time, effort, and knowledge that you share with all of us in your articles, that is what has changed my results fishing the park....thank you again.

Mark Lowry


I usually fish for trout here in Colorado, but with the new job and school, I find myself going to the local ponds to fish for whatever is in there. I had no clue on what to present these fish with. So I looked for articles on the web and stumbled across this site. Before I was trying all sorts of trout patters and it seemed like I would in a single fish per trip. That was not cutting it. So I tried a few of the random flies from the bass/panfish section. I did not switch from the McGinty pattern. Soon as it hit the water I was pulling fish out. Bless this little fly!!! It turned an alright fishing experience to pulling in 30 Crappie in a 2 hour time frame. I need more practice with bass! But panfish are a blast to pull in.


Jacob Butler

Unknown State:

Thanks James and Angie. I received your Perfect Flies today. My question is; " If I leave the flies in my box, will they catch fish?"...They sure look like they will. Look forward to talking to you soon. I'm interested in some flies for bass and bluegill...Jeff Wayman


Just received my first order from you guys, wanted to say thanks. Your flies are excellent, you were generous with your quantities and the shipping was fast. I have already referred my friends to you guys and I will not buy anywhere else in the future. Thanks again!!! Eric Miller


Dear James,

Rec'd the flies today on 31st. Beautiful fly tying skills. Wish me luck in Yellowstone next July. Will fish the Madison, Firehole, Yellowstone, Cascade Creek, Nez Perce and Duck Creek. Should be a great 10 days.

Yahoo Customer Satisfaction Reports:

This is just one that came through Yahoo. We have over 65 of these with superb ratings: Rating: Excellent
Price Rating: Excellent
Shipping Options Rating: Excellent
Delivery Rating: Excellent
Ease of Purchase Rating: Excellent
Customer Service Rating: Excellent
Body: James Marsh (The Perfect Fly) flies are quality products at a bargain
price. He also gives excellent info on how to fish them, and a natural history
of the specific insect. I highly recommend.



Just wanted to drop you a note as promised that I am very pleased with the braided leaders so far. You convinced me to try them at your Troutfest booth. As a TU Little River Chapter member, thanks for participating in the show. I enjoyed talking with you there. I had to learn to tie one new knot to tie mono tippet to the end of the braided leader, but other than that no difficulties. Hope you are doing well. Regards,

Dave Ezell


Received your flies . I really wanted the fishing versions not the artistic ones !!! There nothing short of amazing. Nice work and thank you again .

Lance Bowman

Illinois Love'em
Rating Excellent
Price Rating: Excellent
Shipping Options Rating: Excellent
Delivery Rating: Excellent
Ease Of Purchase Rating: Excellent
Customer Service Rating: Excellent

I have purchased Perfect Fly Store's Stonefly adult varieties (I have several of each of seven varieties and/or sizes that I fish) because they are the most realistic and beautifully tied specimens that I have found, anywhere, in the industry of trout fishing flies. Many advertise realistic-looking stonefly examples, but this is the only merchant that I have found that actually delivers (one has to make a very close inspection to distinguish these examples from actual living stoneflies). At $2.25 per fly, the price cannot be beat, especially when you consider that Perfect Fly Store delivers at no charge and that delivery is exceptionally fast, almost next-day. What's not to love, here?

William Kaseberg

We have hundreds of other emails along these same lines, numerous telephone calls and some cards and letters thanking us. We are very proud of them all. We have customers from over 20 Foreign Countries and 31 States so far in our first year and a half of being in business.

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