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Note: I haven't posted to this page in a long time, probably two years. We get email about the quality and effectiveness of our Perfect flies everyday and sometimes several a day. It is impossible to keep it posted. We received two today and one made me think of this, so I am posting them to let you know we won't be posting them at all in the future.

05/10/17 Yellowstone Flies: Got the package today—nice. Impressive flies, James. The salmon flies almost gave me a jump! Thanks.
Jim Granith

05/10/17 Clinch River Flies: Good afternoon Mr. Marsh The flies have arrived, the flies have arrived. They look fantastic, thank you very much and I will let you know how I and the flies do. Have a great day.
Julian Acosta

Here Is What Just A Few Of Our Customers Have To Say About Our Flies, Fly Rods, Tackle, Gear and Website

We only post about one out of a hundred emails we get complimenting our flies and service. We didn't post any in the year 2014.

Dear Perfect Fly Associates,
I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for the quick delivery of my flies! I am more than satisfied with the quality and appearance of the flies. This is the first time I have ever bought flies online and I will continue to purchase from 'Perfect Fly'. The detail of the flies surpasses any fly shop or retail store I have ever been too. Living in the mountains of Virginia, the abundance of native trout has proved your flies worthy. I would recommend this website to anyone, especially beginners or people who have little knowledge of the flies and hatches around where they live. There is no better way to set up a website than ''. My hat is off to you all! Sincerely, Todd

Western North Carolina
I just wanted to thank you for the (Awesome) "Superb Five" Fly Rod.

  • It is (by far) the Finest fly rod I have ever purchased!
  • It has Great power
  • It is deadly accurate
  • Has Wonderful Finesse
  • Great Roll casting
  • Casting is an absolute dream with this rod
  • I love it!
  • Well worth the price
  • Thank you again for creating an excellent Fly Rod!

Ted Fetzer

New Jersey:
James, Here is a pic of a 21' brown caught by me on Spruce Creek PA on ur Slate Drake nymph. Caught 10 more in 2 days all over 16' and all browns. Thanks for your great flies.

Robert Miller

P.S. Caught a 28' brown on a conehead black wolly bugger that I tied myself.

My buddy and I have been catching some nice wild trout - including Brookies and browns off the beaten path in north ga mtns. Check out the gut on this brookie. This rain is definitely keeping the little creeks in great shape.

Wanted to pass this along - I got invited last week to fish on some private water where they make a guide go along with you to guard the owners pet fish. I used the flies he told me to until the end of the day when things were slowing down. I tied on one of your EPED nymphs and caught 3 fish in 4 casts! I had only caught 1 fish in previous hour.

He walked up as I was landing the 3rd to ask what I was using and I showed him your fly and bragged about your work. One of the fish I caught was a brook trout. He said he had never seen one caught in the river in the 7 years he'd been there! Pretty funny. I'm guessing that brook was stocked from up or downstream but maybe was pickier than the "pet trout" that are the local residents and choose the perfect fly instead of the junk that gets floated in front of him everyday. Or maybe I was just lucky but its a funny story and it made him a believer. I sent him your website. Hope you get some orders out of it.


Hello Mr Marsh,
I thought you might like to see how a needle stone you sent me worked out on a local pond near Tallahassee. The Old Man didn't have one but I was kind enough to loan him one after letting him watch me hook up continually for 20minutes or so. Thank you for all you have done in helping to create wonderful memories and delicious dinners.

Eric Peacock

Fred Smith:
Thx so much for what you do. This is the best source for local fly fishing info and a wealth of great educational material. Frankly, I don't know how you do it!

Sent from my iPad

Jim, l'm an avid long time fly fisher and have all across America. Your flies are great and of superb quality. They also catch fish. Like I said I have bought gear across this land and from now on Perfect Fly is where I shop. The way you guys help put together bundles for specific areas and trips is another great bonus. Thanks for the help this past year. Norman

We have hundreds of other emails along these same lines, numerous telephone calls and some cards and letters thanking us. We are very proud of them all. We have customers from over 20 Foreign Countries and 31 States so far in our first year and a half of being in business.

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