Deceiver Baitfish Trout Fly
The "Perfect Fly" Deceiver Baitfish Trout fly is a version of Lefty Kreh's deceiver fly
developed back in the fifties for stripped bass. It represents no specific baitfish and from
what I have read, it wasn't intended to imitate any specific baitfish.

Our version of the Deceiver fly is very similar with the exception of some glitter that has
been added. This makes the fly a little more noticeable. The red imitates the gills of a fish.

These generic flies work great for trout in both still water lakes and rivers. It's also an
excellent stripped bass fly, smallmouth bass fly and largemouth bass fly. It also works for
many other freshwater species of fish. They can be used wherever trout are not being
extremely picky about what they are eating.

The Deceiver Baitfish Fly comes in Blue and White, Red and White and Green and White
versions. The Red and White is a very effective trout fly when they are holding in clear
water. The blue and white deceivers are good in stained and clear water.

We have these flies in three sizes - a hook size 2, 1/0 and 3/0. You can use medium to
fast action fly rods ranging in sizes from an eight weight up to a ten weight depending on
the size of the fly you choose and the size of the fish you are pursuing. This fly cast very
well in strong winds but you will need to consider the wind when choosing a rod.
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