Disco Midge Fly

I don't think anyone knows for sure who first designed and tied the
Disco Midge fly but there's one thing for sure. It's a very popular and
very effective midge fly. The fly was probably designed during the time
"Disco" music was popular back in the 1970's. It's materials are made
from flashy, loud materials that reminds one of the Disco era. The use
of Flashabou, Krystal Flash and similar materials for the body is

Midges are aquatic insects that live in just about every trout stream or
lake in the World. They are very plentiful and very common insects.
Trout eat midge larvae all year long but they become most important to
the fly angler fishing for trout during cold weather when the water is cold
and few other aquatic insects hatch.

The Disco Midge fly is a good imitation of midge larva. We have an
Olive Disco Midge, Pearl Disco Midge and Tan Disco Midge. These are
the most common colors of the midges in most trout streams and the
most popular colors anglers prefer.

Peacock herl is used for the thorax of the midge fly. Everyone that ties
flies knows the attractiveness of Peacock Herl. For some unknown
reason, trout are attracted to the flash or color of the herl.

Fish the fly on or near the bottom. You should add weight to the tippet a
few inches above the fly as necessary to keep the fly on the bottom.
Various currents and water depths vary the amount. The Disco Midge
fly can be fished with or without a strike indicator. Very light leaders and
tippet should be used.
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Olive Disco Midge
Pearl Disco Midge
Tan Disco Midge
Disco Midge Trout Fly - Olive
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Disco Midge Trout Fly - Tan
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Disco Midge Trout Fly - Pearl
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