Dark Red Quill

The Dark Red Quill is the Cinygmula ramaleyi  mayfly. The three tailed clinger nymphs
are a dark reddish brown color but because they are clinger nymphs that stay hidden
under rocks most of the time, they are not generally readily available for trout. They
migrate to slower moving water adjacent to their fast water habitat prior to emerging and
it is during this time they are prime targets for trout.

You fish this nymph very similar to the way you fish the Western Ginger Quill nymph.
Imitations can be fished right on the bottom using a heavy weighted imitation but this is
usually not very effective until just prior to the hatch.

The idea is to bring the nymph imitation out of the faster water the nymphs reside in to
the slower moving water that is nearby. You want to keep the nymph on the bottom the
entire way. I usually use an upstream or up and across presentation. Allow the fly to
swing around from the fast water to the slower water.

You can also use the "high stickin" method of nymphing. You will need to get rather close
to the area you are fishing to do this. Hold your rod tip high and allow it to swing around
with the fly, keeping it on the bottom. Strike indicators don't work very well because they
tend to keep the fly off the bottom.
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