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Fly Fishing Training DVD
The “Fly Fishing DVD ” video series teaches all aspects of fly-fishing from its very basics
to its most advanced levels. It was conceived and designed to bring anglers a greater
knowledge of the fish they pursue and the insects and other sources of food they survive
on. As the introductions say, “You can get your Ph.D. in fly-fishing right here”.
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Small Stream Series:
These (4) four DVD teach the methods and techniques used to successfully fish small streams:
Fly Tying Series:
These (2) two DVD teach you how to tie your own Perfect Fly
mayflies. DVD come with samples of the actual flies
Destination Series:
These (2) two DVD each provides over 4 hours (2
Disc each) of information on fly fishing all the
streams in these two National Parks.
The Basics Series:
These (6) six DVD teach gets anyone started out fly fishing the right way. Each program was written and
produced to help those interested in fly fishing learn the basics in a step-by-step, easy to follow manner.
Newest Release:
Small Stream Fly Fishing At Its
Aquatic Insect Series:
These (2) two DVD provides information on all
the important stonefly and mayfly species and
how to fish the hatches.
Unlike most fly-fishing DVD or videos, this series promotes the “sport
of fly fishing”, not a particular manufacturer, product, agency, guide
service, travel service or other similar entity.  Once you engross the
contents of these programs, you will be well qualified to make your
own intelligent choices as to manufacturers and services that are
associated with the sport of fly fishing
Other Instructional DVD:
Produced in association with Ian & Charity Rutter