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Mayfly Nymph Tying DVD
Length: 1 hour, 20 min.
plus promos 25 min.
Total of 1 hour, 45 min.
Toll Free 800 - 594 - 4726
DVD Now Comes with 7
"Perfect Fly" Flies
- One
sample each of these flies:
1. Perfect Swimmer Nymph
2. Perfect Super Swimmer Nymph
3. Perfect Crawler Nymph
4. Perfect Super Crawler Nymph
5. Perfect Burrower Nymph
6. Perfect Clinger Nymph
7. Perfect Emerging Nymph

This is $13.65 Worth of Fee
Perfect Fly" Mayflies
Learn to tie our 7 "Perfect Mayfly"
nymph patterns. By varying the
size and color of materials
according to our recipes on the
CD (included with the instructional
DVD) you will be able to tie over
80 highly effective specific
imitations of all the important
mayfly nymphs that trout feed on
from coast to coast.